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Cool Cool Cool! – Jason

The website is now live, it took us a damn while ha-ha. Thanks to 11thDoctr, his friend (let’s call him the 12thDoctr), Dunciboy, and Alfonso for helping in one way or another with the sites creation. The website and its CSS are rather basic for now, we are still working on improving it. If you believe you can help us work on it, then feel free to contact us. As we improve our skills with website creation, as well as improve our source of income the website will improve and evolve. I know myself and the team would love to give a huge shout out to Jamini’s Box for helping us with this endeavor, they helped with starting it up and how to do so. Check out all the series they translate!


July 19, 2018 11: 39 AM

This is the day I asked an important question, of course I asked 11thDoctr as we work very well together. He can confirm, I think. Any who, I asked him why we don’t work on the Spin Offs and the Sequel Series; they release digitally, we obtain them legally then work on translating and sharing them with others. It was a great plan, me and 11th follow the series, I’ve spend $100s if not $1000s on Fairy Tail merchandise. The reason I was invested in this venture was because I wanted an actual group to properly translate the series I love so much. Obviously, me and doc weren’t translators, so we got help from others and now we have a group that we call Sorcerer Weekly!


So, what exactly is Sorcerer Weekly?

In the Fairy Tail Universe it’s the Magazine that covers wizard news. This site is for the scanlation of the Fairy Tail content, this includes the Sequel as well as the Spin Offs. Furthermore, we will be adding other content done by Hiro Mashima. This means no more imgur files, and no more discord only. We are excited for this venture. There will be other pieces of content we will work on and that we will experiment with, but we are here for the long run. Now, the name was not Sorcerer Weekly initially, it went through a good number of names. We started with /r/FairyTail Scans then moved onto Hiro Mashima Scans, then one of the scanlation members was like “Sorcerer Weekly” when I asked, “What should our group name be?” obviously that was the correct and only appropriate answer. So that is the story of how we became Sorcerer Weekly.


Who’s in Sorcerer Weekly?

The Founders: AstonishingSpiderMan & 11thDoctr

Management of the Group: AstonishingSpiderMan

Translators: Lino49, Myst.

Typesetters: Henry & 11thDoctr.

Cleaners: 11thDoctr, erzadragonborn.

Scan Providers: AstonishingSpiderMan,  rieriebee, AmerikanID10t.

Redraw + QC: 11thDoctr.


Thanks for stopping by!

We will soon consider, as well as add a donation button for the sole fact that this process is expensive, and it adds up. Seriously, to add to that we may have to change to an even pricier plan to help offset some issues we may end up running into. This is all coming from out of my college student pocket and that shit is not cheap, you can ask 11thDoctr. Truth be told I may have been far too naive and oblivious to this but Carpe Diem! We are seizing this day and making the most out of it. This does not include what each scan provider pays for the scanlation. It’s all good though because just like our favorite dragon slayer We’re all fired up!

Regarding the schedule of our releases, expect us to release the chapters within 48 hours of them officially coming out via Mangapoke. This means every other Tuesday to Wednesday for Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, and Every Wednesday to Thursday for the Fairy Tail: Happy’s Adventure spin off. We are still looking for translators so contact us if you are interested, and if you have any prior experience. See you all on the subreddit, twitter, or discord! Adios!

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