The Rising of The Shield Hero Episode 6 Review

Another week another episode ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a new video we are back with the 6th episode of its 25 episodes Run the Rising of the shield Hero.

Strait off the bat i want to say something this episode proved to me that if you do an anime correctly even the episodes where not that many important things actually occur it can still be super interesting and have you glued to the seat enjoying every aspect of it and seeing how the characters develop even during a down period of the series.

The episode centres around Filo now having a Human form requires clothes and clothes require magic thread which of course the shop owner does not have and too make the thread you need to spin the thread from a mage store requiring a gemstone which of course the shop owner currently does not have. and it really makes me think like Jesus Christ this entire anime is one unfortunate event after another for our godly lovable shield hero like will this guy ever actually get a break?

On their adventures across the country Naoufimi finds a man in need of help to be able to get to his sick mother and give her the medicine naoufimi realising he can use this situation to his advantage charges the man 1 silver to be able to give him a lift realising this naoufimi decides on his trade runs he can even bring other people maximising his total profits.

On one such run they get attacked by bandits and this is the first time we get to really see filo in action she has wind magic abilities and strong one of that so am very excited to see how she is used in later episodes. For saving the merchants life Naoufimi gets vast amount of knowledge and information including information on what the other legendary heroes are doing, and it seems there up to quite a lot slaying dragons, raiding dungeons and even saving cities. the trade dealer also tells Naoufimi where to find the gemstone.

The Said Gemstone is found in a abounded cave system guarded by a Chimera like animal who gets quickly defeated with some cool skills and a Finishing move by Filo that reminds me very much of Mortal Combat fatalities like that was strait out of Mortal Combat ladies and gentleman after getting the magic stones the then use it too get the magic thread which is then made into some nice cute clothes for Filo.

This Episode was very heart warming and we got too see some decent action with the mortal combat finisher filo having strong wind magic and Naoufimi increasing his popularity with in the world that originally started to hate him. The Next few episodes are going to be very interesting I think the next wave is coming soon and its going to be harder then ever Rapthalia this episode also showed to be using some interesting spells to attack so to develop those would be very cool.

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