The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 5 Review

Hey there guys and welcome back to a new Article Arguably the best anime of the season returns for its 5th episode in its 25-episode run and once again brings a plea through of emotions with it.

The Episode starts in a far away land and with a quick scan of the manga you notice this is anime original scenes that was not in the original manga. From what it appears a lady looking very similar to our extremely hated character Mayne which brings the question is this the Queen? The new Suppose Queen character approaches the window and a hooded female character can be seen if you have been paying attention to the anime this is not her first appearance, she had appeared in other episodes The Supposed queen royal assassins get their orders and fly away.

We are then taken to the royal capital which after the ceremony its pay day our heroes are about to get some huge cash nothing can go wrong right? WRONG once again our beloved shield hero gets absolutely scammed some ludicrous reason. Naoufimi outraged seems to be taking the news very hard but then extremely surprisingly the bow and sword hero speak up once again like they did in the last episode and defend naoufimi rights to be given payment for his efforts at the very least. Am actually very happy with this as I had originally expected the other heroes to be bad towards our loved shield hero, but it really seems they were just tricked in episode 1 and are being led a stray by Mayne there not bad guys so to say.

With their new payments Rapthalia and naoufimi set out once again on there adventures but not before stopping at the slave trader as Rapthalia wanted her slave mark back to prove her allegiance to the shield hero honestly this was not needed but it does add a sweet underline and tone to her character, so I appreciated the gesture. While the slave trader re brands Rapthalia with the slave mark Naoufimi notices some oddly strange looking eggs which the slave trader explains it is a lottery service that with just 100 silver you can hatch a monster though Rapthalia thinks they should save money Naoufimi purchases the egg regardless.

The Egg later hatches into a filiopha which a very common monster is if am honest I really did not expect it to hatch into a dragon that would be far too overpowered for us underdog the shield hero. Naoufimi goes ahead and names the new monster Filo. We are then presented with a quick training ark and 2 days pass and in a very short 2 day time span Filo has gone from a very small chick into a huge ready to use filiopha which in there world is a common monster that can be used like horses in our own world to draw carriages as they are very fast and easily tameable monsters.

Mayne suddenly makes another appearance into the episode bringing along with her the spear hero closely under her very own charm and suddenly claims to have been given the village by the king. Outraged that the village will be led to ruin Naoufimi once again speaks out and when mayne tries to silence him the Queens Royal Assassins appear once more in the episode and defend Naoufimi which is very surprising does the queen know what’s going on in the story so far? Outraged Mayne challenges Naoufimi to a Race between Filo and Matsuyama extremely fast dragon to which Naoufimi is roped into accepting to defend the village. As expected, Filo is surprisingly a lot faster then the dragon but then Mayne once again interferes with the race attempting to cheat extremely hard and like how did no one else notice this other than the assassin?? Even with the extreme handicap Naoufimi wins the race and protects the village and instead of money he agrees to be given a cart and he is now a trade merchant.

Though you might not have noticed the centre field of this episode is around Filo who once again evolves after winning the race and is now even bigger then before. Later that night after Naoufimi filo and Rapthalia had stopped for the night as Rapthalia had gotten sick from motion sickness flash backs to fairy tail. They all stop to rest and as Naoufimi doses off he is woken up by a very scared Rapthalia and no Filo to be seen he then looks around and sees a very QUESTIONABLE loli character who says good morning master to him and Episode end. I think we can all agree that Filo has now gone from an egg to a loli which honestly is not surprising I was wondering when we were going to get more harem members XD

The Rising of the Shield hero has very much surprised me this season and am excited for its future I rate this Episode 4.5/5 extremely touching and advancements to the story and a new squad member has joined Naoufimi underdog story I expect the story to advance and develop the new squad member filo or if that even is filo? And how she has now gone from an egg into a girl I Wonder if Filo is going to be a strong member to the squad or is she just there for a more comedy aspect to the story where she only drags the kart around I personally think it would be really cool to see if she has any abilities that she may use to attack in her bird form she did kick the spear hero and he did seem damaged so seeing filo in action would be very interesting.

I would very much also like to see our other three cardinal heroes expanded on in future episodes the bow and sword hero have defiantly shown that they are not stupid unlike the spear hero who constantly keeps falling for Mayne Trickery although the anime is called the rising of the shield hero seeing how his relationship with the other hero expands from just abuse would be very fitting since his relationship started from abuse but might eventually rise to praise from the other hero especially the spear hero who seems to have started noticing that Mayne is actually tricking him overall I am very happy the sword and bow hero have started to notice something is clearly wrong.

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