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The Rising of The Shield Hero Episode 6 Review

Another week another episode ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a new video we are back with the 6th episode of its 25 episodes Run the Rising of the shield Hero. Strait off the bat i want to say something this episode proved to me that if you do an anime correctly even the episodes where not that many important things actually occur it can still be super interesting and have you glued to the seat enjoying every aspect of it and seeing how the characters develop even during a down period of the series. The episode centres around Filo […]

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 5 Review

Hey there guys and welcome back to a new Article Arguably the best anime of the season returns for its 5th episode in its 25-episode run and once again brings a plea through of emotions with it. The Episode starts in a far away land and with a quick scan of the manga you notice this is anime original scenes that was not in the original manga. From what it appears a lady looking very similar to our extremely hated character Mayne which brings the question is this the Queen? The new Suppose Queen character approaches the window and a […]

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