Spider-Man’s Fairy Tail Game Review


Gust Co. Ltd.’s Fairy Tail was quite the experience. Why? Beyond having its ups, downs, it subverted the expectations of many fans, including myself. As a personal first, I have compiled a script for everything I wish to discuss regarding the game itself, as there is a lot to unpack. This includes the really good, the really bad, and the plain mediocre. I don’t quite know how to go about it all, and I am sure many will leave with the opinion that I am a mere hater, troll, or someone who doesn’t even follow the series, and that is fine. It is completely and utterly false, but fine, nonetheless.

I do want to start by talking about my time in the fandom and my overall level of fandom for the Fairy Tail series. So right off the bat, I run a Fairy Tail/Mashima oriented server on Discord, I run this Fairy Tail Reddit, and I have tried to connect myself to the Tumblr and twitter aspect of the fandom more and more. I own a lot of the Hiro Mashima properties physically as well as some of the non-manga material. Of course, I did not list everything I own because that’d be too time consuming but the point I am trying to make is I Love the Fairy Tail franchise and am a huge fan of all of Mashima’s works. Now with this interrogation and these pleasantries out of the way I can get to discuss everything I have planned. It will be broken up into parts:

  1. The Introduction
  2. Gameplay + Mechanics
  3. Overall Thoughts
  4. The Good
  5. The Bad
  6. Final Score
  7. DLC Costumes + Season Pass

This reddit post will contain very slight spoilers for arcs that happen after Tartaros but I will do my best to make sure I do not spoil much if anything. Now let’s begin for real this time!


I played on both consoles and almost everything was the same game play wise and content. There was only a difference, the game is rather simplistic in its controls, it has a fairly straight forward tutorial that helps establish the layout of the game and how it will play. Additionally, the story spaces out the characters you get to unlock within the 1st 3 Chapters you will unlock 7 characters including the main cast, in Chapter 7 you will have 4 more available, then Chapter 8/9 you unlock 2 more, then with the end of the Epilogue you unlock the final character. For obvious reasons of not wanting to spoil content I am not mentioning which characters are unlocked even though we know how many and which characters are available. Once you complete the Epilogue, you will have the ability to make some characters S- Class Wizards which will then unlock a certain quest for them.

The game is a JRPG, which is like Fire Emblem, Dragon Age, and even Final Fantasy. So in terms of gameplay it is more likely to match these games than let’s say a Fallout or a Destiny and so forth. So in terms of the combat there’s quite a bit there honestly. For starters, when engaging in combat you can attack your enemy in the main world so you can go first and get a boost, however if they attack you first then they attack first. Additionally, If you have characters like Lucy or Sherria or Wendy, or all three then there is a chance to unlock a cute animation that will let your entire team attack before the enemy attacks.

  • For the Sky Sisters it’s them singing like in Lamia Scale Thanksgiving.
  • For Lucy it is her trying to captivate the enemy with her pose from Chapter/Episode 1 where she wanted to get a discount for the Plue Key.

In terms of fighting, each of the 16 characters has unique magic and attacks that affect different parts of the grid.

  • What do I mean by grid? Think of it as a chess board, your characters and the opposing characters are on opposite sides and from there you take turns attacking one another.

As mentioned, each magic has a different effect, some magic can attack the entire board, while other magic just attacks on a 4 by 4 square, or three straight squares, or even an 3 Square L shaped attack from your magic. As the fight progresses you fill up this meter that will help you do an ultimate move. However, in many instances an ultimate move is not needed to defeat your enemies. No real strategy is needed for these battles, it’s just a matter of using your strongest attack to give them the most damage which ends up destroying them in a turn or two.

The combat system also has other aspects to it, yes it has attack with magic but it also gives you the ability to guard against an attack, or simply attack with a physical punch or kick. There are instances where an enemy attacks and you will be able to unlock an Awakening which is basically their version of 2nd Origin. Some characters have unique awakenings as you learn in the game, or if you read the series you know what they are, and others just have a super saiyan glow to them.

As you progress through the game you will unlock extreme magic which will help you in several ways. Some of these extreme magic will help heal you, others will prevent you from dying, even one that is the 3 exceeds literally worshiping a fish, and some extreme magic can be used once you fill the magic meter and use the ultimate. However, you do not choose which extreme magic you use, it is all random. Which will lead many to get Makarov repeatedly.

There is one aspect of the combat system that you won’t really use, well I didn’t use it at all except at the end when I tried to solo a dual boss fight with 1 character. That aspect is the item option, as you progress through the game you will unlock items, some replenish your magic, some your health, and some both, others help cure your ailments, and some revive fallen teammates. But like I said I didn’t really use this but once, and I often forgot that it was even there so regardless of difficulty I am sure you will feel the same way.

There are lacrima you can equip on your characters at any time, they give you stat boost, or are character specific stat bonus, which do help and are easy to equip. Honestly, it has a feature where it will auto assign them for you and it does a good enough job for you so you don’t have to worry about going through your entire inventory and checking who should get what. The shop at the guild is kinda pointless in my opinion because you don’t really use it. This helps bring me to my next mechanic, the rebuilding of the guild.

As you progress throughout the story you will be able to upgrade certain parts of the guild. These areas help give you bonus in terms of characters not in your party getting x amount of xp, drop rates for items from creatures increasing, getting free items, and even having the whole guild to have mini parties, as well as the ability to expand the Link Hunt mechanic. Essentially you upgrade x portion of the guild grants you x bonus. You can renovate it 5x total and then upgrade its perks a total of 10x. You can also only upgrade and renovate if you have the necessary items and necessary money.

  • Going back to Link Hunt, this is essentially a very basic horde mode. You press a button and the number goes up and when you stop it let’s you battle that amount of creatures. The maximum amount is 99 creatures at level 99 but it does help a lot in terms of xp grinding your characters. You can even use these Link Hunt battles to help clear debris-filled areas where you need to do x amount of damage to be able to go through it so the map doesn’t have you going in circles or all the way around.
  • Link Party’s which are an extension of Link Hunt are a way for the 16 playable characters to bond. If certain characters bond, you unlock a piece of dialogue and cut scene for them in total there are 173 cut scenes, and each character can bond with the rest a total of 3 times before reaching the maximum bond. This helps with the ultimate as the chain attacks increase in damage and success rate. Additionally, as you progress through the game you will get the ability to do unison raids which are basically dual attacks from 2 characters. Not all the characters have an animated Unison Raid but there is a small portion that do.

In regards to the world map, it’s very easy to use, when you have a quest the destination will have a giant ! on it. It is animated in the sense that the ocean has some fish, and the world map has birds flying around it. In terms of the mini map, it’s a little more confusing but not really needed when the maps are so small.

As far as the Characters themselves go, each character has a unique way of walking as well as running. Not to mention that at any given moment you are able to switch characters from the current line up that you are playing as. For example, Try the combination of Ichiya, Mirajane, Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy, as you switch between them you will notice their different run styles and just different movements. If you do want to switch your roster, you have to do so in the guild and nowhere else. Additionally, if you want to level up stats wise your character (10 levels total) which grants you a new costume, new magic chain for the ultimate, new magic move, and so forth you also have to do it in the guild hall. If you wish to chain your character outfit you need to go to Lucy’s apartment.

One thing I will briefly touch on is the loading screens, on the switch they lasted a bit longer than I expected. On the PS4 I hardly had any load screens at all. But in any event when I did have a load screen you could use Happy to smack the Now Loading away with his fish like if he was playing baseball and trying to swing a home run. It’s a rather unique way to pass the time with the load screens. Additionally, If you play the game on the switch, speaking from experience, then you will run into issues like the poor frame rate that makes the game look super choppy when characters are running. On the PS4, I was using the Spider-Man PS4 Pro, I did not run into any issues besides a minor glitch that was some choppiness during Lucy’s Chance animation when she had a Star Dress but other than that there was no real issue.


The game has some good, it really does and what it does good it does it so great!

The 16 characters have unique fight styles and their overall experience is quite fun. You can run around like Ichiya and go do missions to see how fun it is to run like him. It’s quite the experience, one of the funniest things is going from Laxus with his floating coat to Ichiya who looks like he is struggling to run. One bright spot in my opinion, was these chance animation sequences featuring Lucy, Wendy, Sherria, or Wendy and Sherria. With Lucy she tries her pose she tried in the 1st chapter/episode when she wanted to get a discount on the Plue key, as far as the Sky Sisters, they individually or together depending if you have them both on your team do the Sky Sister song which again really shows the care that went into part of the game. The game has a good progression system to where you are intrigued on how to play or who to play as. For example, as you progress through the story you unlock characters you can build your team a certain way. Honestly, it gives you a feeling of what a different team dynamic would give Team Natsu. It also helps in the sense that you don’t feel so overwhelmed with the amount of options you have right off the bat it helps establish the team and the potential replacements.

  • For those wondering my team was: Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Jellal.
  • With the alternate team I had being: Gajeel, Juvia, Gray, Kagura, Sherria.

Honestly, this ability to team build gives me further belief that Jellal should have joined Fairy Tail and that Gray should have had his own team but that, that’s for another day.

There were 173 total pieces of Character conversations you could have between all 16 characters which helped flesh out the world as well as how they would interact. The funniest one was Ichiya trying to get Gray to join Blue Pegasus and Shelia/Sherria asking Lucy about true Love because of her and Natsu. We also get the dorky ones with Kagura and Lucy with the talk of slumber parties, Gildarts telling Mirajane he saw her in SW and was ashamed, or Natsu showing love and admiration to Juvia. These interactions were something we often did not get in the main series, so it was honestly a breath of fresh air. It was what honestly kept me so invested in the game, you complete missions it fills your companion compatibility bar and once you reach tier one, tier two, and tier three you get interactions.

The Music is another thing I want to talk about, no it is not the music from the Series and honestly expecting it to be was a bit ridiculous. However, the music was incredible. It truly made you feel like you were in Magnolia and that you were exploring Fiore! The main song was so catchy I was humming it for a while, even my wife was humming it. It wasn’t overbearing, but it wasn’t in the background. It truly helped the player immerse themselves in the world and in the game. I can honestly say that it is a Fairy Tail soundtrack having heard it. The aspect of the game that benefited heavily from the soundtrack was the background of the maps, while you couldn’t look all the way up, you were still able to see enough of the background to just stay there and enjoy the music. The voice actors who reprise their roles do an incredible job, you feel at times like you really are reliving the series, or that you are living through these new interactions they have. It is spectacular, makes me miss the series, and makes me hope that there is an anime for the Sequel, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

There is exclusive content to the game that isn’t in the series like the Unison Raids between some characters, including fan favorites Natsu and Lucy. If I counted correctly when playing there are roughly 12 unique unison raids, and by unique, I mean ones that have essentially a cut scene while you are battling. That’s something that I loved, it showed care, but at the same time it showed 12 unison raids when there were 16 characters, so it seemed like the bare minimum. One thing I do want to add is that some of the side missions did help build the world even more, from the Fairy Tail of the Dead Men Omake being turned into a mission, to Gajeel and Juvia teaming up to visit old friends from Phantom Lord although you don’t actually see them, you only see their name and nothing else. Even though that happens the fact they are mentioned, and we learn about these character exploits it does help flesh out the world and makes it feel more connected.

One of the best things about the game was Lucy’s Apartment. No, I am not being a creep, but the content you can access in her apartment. In it you can access all the costumes and wardrobes each of the 16 characters have. Additionally, you can relive all 173-character interactions you have unlocked. You can read up on the terminology, the characters, and even the past arcs to better understand the series for newcomers and people who just want to revisit the early parts. Once you have music unlocked, you can play it from her bookshelf which has all the content you have unlocked. Not to mention that there are also these incredibly funny interactions in Lucy’s apartment that are unlocked as you progress through the game as well as through the entire 173 interactions. They range from Natsu to Gray, to the whole Guild. They were really well thought out and fun. There was Gray in Lucy’s hot tub, Natsu on the roof of her Bathroom, Erza and Wendy sleeping in her bed, and all the 16 characters in her room for a party because Natsu invited them over. There were more but these were some of the best. They really gave that feeling of the manga coming to life because we saw it, at least some, in the manga.

While it isn’t something huge the world map was rather fun to look at, it was interactive as well as lively. It really brought perspective to the world of the series. The good things were honestly amazing, they were but I couldn’t help the fact that I felt so underwhelmed overall.


One thing I will mention but not go in detail about is the non Series characters being essentially holograms that you can walk through. In all honesty that wasn’t a huge deal to me, nor did I really notice it or care for this issue. I know some had a problem with it but I did not. Another issue was the localization of the names as well as the dialogue some of it was rough to read including the infamous Kanna Alperona but nothing too major that I was put off by. But with that said, let’s talk about the bad. For me the bad, was really bad, it is something that honestly holds the game back.

I will start off with the most important, difficulty means absolutely nothing in this game. Absolutely nothing. Hard difficulty plays more like easy, and easy plays more like super easy. There is no real challenge in the game, you can run around most of the game without even having to use the item shop or the items provided by chest or quest rewards. Which in turn makes the Lacrima synthesized laboratory of Levy useless. For my entire play through I literally ran through the enemies without having to use the items available which was honestly disappointing while playing on the Hard difficulty. What is the point of having a difficulty system if it isn’t even done correctly? The only reason I remember items and lacrima making are a thing is because they are a Guild Activity to complete. As far as the items, well I tried to solo a duo boss fight, I fought two bosses at once, with only Natsu. That’s when I clicked on the item button and realized that they were a thing to help heal you and restore your magic.

The locations themselves while they have beautiful backgrounds and scenery, they are nothing more than glorified mazes. Get to this point of the map, oh but you can’t go in a straight line, you must go around. You have to get to the top of the map? That’s fine travel all over the map to get to the destination. It wasn’t tedious or annoying at first but then you get to a number of Request/Community Service missions and you’re just over it.

The missions, and I don’t mean the main missions for the story but rather the Community Service and the Request missions are so tedious and boring. They are all repetitive and it’s just so disappointing. Sure, each has about 50 missions each, but they are all the same thing. For Request, it is to fight and defeat x number of creatures, then rinse and repeat. If you’re lucky it’s go to this location and find this item that is only available when you get the mission and return. For Community Request, you have to turn in certain items that you can pick up throughout the game. Let’s say you need an item, like I needed some item that was found in Akane Beach, all you have to do is pick up the item, go to another location, return then pick it up again. It was just a repetitive uninspired chore list; I get having the main game story line be like that but to have all the side missions be that is simply unacceptable and disappointing. Sure, the interactions and cut scenes once you accept a mission were charming but then it was the same thing.

Once you finish the game, by that I mean the Epilogue chapter you can continue to explore the world if you want. But truth be told, there is not much to explore, the 10-year and 100-year missions are boring, lazy, and uninspired. They are glorified repeated story mission fights with characters you already fought. It’s simply rehashing old content and trying to paint it as a new mission. You have a total of 12 of these missions, and they are nothing more than Boss fights, it got so boring and repetitive that I removed the animation sequence for the battles just to get it over with.

The game boasts that it is a story which covers Tenrou’s conclusion, the Grand Magic Games, Sun Village but not really, Tartaros, and the two arcs that follow it, the Avatar Arc, and the Albareth arc. But it does it all so poorly it really does, it is funny because the only two arcs it does well are the one I love the most and the one I dislike the most in the manga; Tenrou and Tartaros respectively. Tenrou is great because it helps introduce the combat and some of the overall mechanics, Tartaros was great because it really felt like you were overwhelmed (ignore the fact that you can play as non-ft members but still point stands) it felt like you were facing huge odds. But the Grand Magic Games was a shell of itself, it skipped so much content that it just baffled me. There were so many portions that were cut off because it didn’t have Fairy Tail fighting, or you know when we face the dragons and the dragon slayers for the first time get to face them. Well none of that happened, you didn’t see the dragon slayers fight their dragons, you didn’t see Cobra struggle, you didn’t see Sting and Rogue fight helplessly. It just felt like a very very bare bones summary of what the arc was. Hell, we didn’t even get the banquet or the interactions among everyone. I won’t get into the Sun Village arc because it was completely glossed over and skipped.

Then if that’s not bad enough, we get the Epilogue which is essentially the Avatar and Albareth arcs spliced into one story line. It was so abysmal; I simply cannot put into words how bad it was. Yes, we have some of the interactions between the main cast from the manga, but we get faceless villains, we get unnamed boss fights, it’s just frustrating. So, the manga and anime readers/viewers know it’s Avatar, but the player doesn’t. Like Natsu’s entrance in the manga after Tartaros was so amazing, like one of the best entrances of all time in the series, and the game literally failed it. It just showed Natsu instead of a cloaked figure, it just was so so sigh

We have us fighting one of the War Gods and Natsu using Flame Dragon King Mode but not the Avatar Villains. We then proceed to have the Albareth arc, we have the results of Makarov disbanding the guild but instead of him being in Albareth, he is in Tenrou. Instead of the team fighting Ajeel and August, we get a faceless boss fight in Tenrou where Makarov then decides he should come back. It was beyond disappointing; I was embarrassed to play the Epilogue because it was so unfaithful to the arcs that I was just simply appalled. We could have honestly had Albareth be DLC, I mean Makarov wasn’t needed to restart the guild we saw that. Yet they rushed to have it in the game, and it was just awful.

The best and easiest solution would have been to add to the game’s version of the Avatar arc, instead of having nameless villains they could have had Avatar there, Alok, Abel, Briar, D6, and Gomon. They could have been added to the fight and if anything, when fighting Alok you could have had it like when you fought Future Rogue, have Ikusa-Tsunagi be in the back as part of the boss fight. From there, we could have had what we got in the game which was the reunion and Erza being made Guild Master. We wouldn’t need Makarov to have the guild running, it wouldn’t have done the final arc a disservice like it did. But no, we got this clusterfuck of a mess that simply did not live up to the arcs regardless of how you feel about those arcs. Hell, they even adapted Chapter 436 really good in my opinion, but they decided to do the Epilogue arcs so badly. It just baffles me.

In the Good I mentioned that the character interactions, the Unison raids, and even the character models that are in the game are amazing. I stand by that, but I also stand by feeling cheated. Why? Because not every character has a character model, take Milliana for instance, we interact with her in the GMG arc but we don’t have a character model, after Tenrou we interact with most of the guild that stayed and guess what they don’t have character models. They just have a photo image to show that they are talking, we recognize the voices from the sub, but they have no character model. What was the point of having them in the game if they weren’t going to have a model? It doesn’t make sense, it screams laziness.

I know I keep saying the word laziness, frustrating, lack of care, and all these other negative adjectives but it is when you have Gray and Ichiya interacting but not Ichiya and Jellal, or Lucy and Sting. As I mentioned there are 173-interactions among the 16 characters but not all the characters have an interaction. These interactions are the compatibility meter if you will, depending on how high helps with ultimate moves. But not all the characters have interactions among themselves so in those situations it’s just hey congrats you leveled up to one, two, or three. That’s it, it would have been better if they spent the time to have each of these characters have a unique interaction. Ichiya and Laxus have an S-Class mission together and talk but they can’t have a small 60 second interaction or dialogue? Really. This is something that happens throughout the game, these shortcuts, this bare minimum work. The same goes with the unison raids, I understand that not everyone would get a unison raid, but I mean, really? We couldn’t even get the dragon slayers to have a unison raid. If you have a different character costume than the main one for the game all the animation and awakening abilities will just make you look like a super saiyan with the glow. It didn’t happen in one scene in Tartaros featuring Lucy but every other instance it does. This is what I mean by lazy, it’s just so frustrating, there is aspects of a good game in here but all these cookie cutter shortcuts, and all this half work is just so sigh


Well, I spent roughly 90 hours between both the Switch version and the PlayStation 4 version of the game. All in all, I am only missing the trophy for fighting a rare beast which is almost impossible to predict when you will get. Given that I went about doing all the missions available when they became available, it isn’t really something that I realized was a trophy. I was the highest rank guild wise each chapter, whether it be in the 30s, within the first few chapters or 2nd before the epilogue finished. I was making sure to do each mission because I really wanted to enjoy the game. Honestly, I did enjoy it early on but as the game progressed, it became more and more telling that this was just a game with so much missed potential in so many aspects. Overall, the game felt hollow, sure it was pretty outside as in the background and the music but there was no real substance to the game. It felt empty, it’s hard to put into words. If you are looking to complete the game to 100% or to unlock all the trophies then you are looking at roughly anywhere from 30 to 40 hours give or take, one of the challenges includes finding 50 pieces of candy for Plue for content that could be used in a lacrima if I’m not mistaken but like I said making lacrima isn’t even needed and you won’t even remember to do so.

Honestly, to put things in perspective the Fairy Tail game had been in production for 2 years from the official start of development, and 4 years from when we started the initial planning process. But we got almost nothing in terms of content because it was so bare bones and so hollow. I have played some of the Sword Art Online games, and well they seemed more immersive and more thought out. But that was not Koei Tecmo or Gust. Ultimately, I have said as much as I can about the game without repeating myself or my main points, which is why the word I would use to describe this game is underwhelming. Why? Because it simply failed to impress, and it was rather disappointing. There was so much promise here, but it did not meet the standard it should have set for itself. It was honestly so upsetting; it makes me wonder if Bandai Namco could have done a better Fairy Tail game since their Seven Deadly Sins game wasn’t as bad as some would argue.


The DLC is the final portion I want to talk about, as many of you know the DLC was released on the 6th of August; this includes 3 Character Costume Packs (contain 16 Costumes per Pack) and the Season Pass. I’ll get to the price of each momentarily but to break it down:

  • The base game cost $59.99, the Digital Deluxe cost you $74.99.
    • The extra $15 dollars gets you Fairy Tail Team A costumes for Team Natsu, 5 Growth Lacrima, and the Ryza Costume for Lucy.

The Season Pass includes 5 Growth Lacrima, think of these as xp boost for your characters, 4 playable characters (Levy, Lyon, Lisanna, Elfman), Additional Requests which are the missions and an Additional Dungeon which by all accounts is most likely a new area. The cost of this is $60 Dollars, so for $60 more dollars you are paying for some characters, some extra missions, and some xp boost. At face value, not looking at the price, it seems like a really good deal for those who want to continue their Fairy Tail journey but then you look at the price and well it begs the question if it is worth it. Short answer, No FUCK NO, it is not. Why, well let’s break it down.

Then we got the 3 Character Costume Packs:

  • Anime Final Season, which is the 16 costumes that the characters wear during the Final Season for $39.99 or 3.49 per costume.
  • Then we got the Swimsuit pack which is also 39.99 for all 16 or 3.49 per costume and well it’s even more ridiculous some of these designs are simply different color swimsuits than are already in the game.
  • The final pack is the Dress Up pack which is the characters in their Volume 50 post card designs which is also 39.99 or 3.49 per costume.

Now, let’s say you want to get all the DLC that will cost you $180:

  • This will get you 3x the amount of the base game. So, for 48 Costumes, 4 Characters, 1 Dungeon, some Extra Missions, and 5 Growth Lacrima you are paying $180

The base game content wise has:

  • 16 playable characters and 58 Character Costumes is $60 with 55 Requests/Missions:
    • If you get the Digital Deluxe Edition then add 7 Digital Deluxe Costumes (Team A Suits, Special Costume Erza, Ryza) and the 5 Growth Lacrima.
    • This brings you a total of 65 Costumes and 5 Growth Lacrima along with the 55 Request Missions for $74.99.

I guarantee you that after the 12th of August, these will be priced and sold in the online shop for PlayStation, Nintendo, and Steam. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold the Digital Deluxe content for $15.00, the Team A Costumes, the other 2 costumes for Erza, the 1 for Lucy, and the 5 Growth Lacrima.

Not to mention I fully expect the company to make Minerva and Flare characters you can buy at a later date. It would not surprise me in the least, given they already have character models and they participate in your team in a mission or two. Given that they are doing this with Lyon, Levy, Lisanna, and Elfman it does not surprise me. Lyon was already a guest in the game, Levy as well has a character model, which makes sense as to why they are to be released this month, as opposed to Lisanna and Elfman who have character models but we never see them fight in the game so it makes sense they take more time to develop them as opposed to the other two. So yes, I fully expect Minerva and Flare to be options or part of a Season Pass 2.

It’s honestly a shame that such disgusting business practices happen and it’s even more disgusting that the community at large will probably eat the “new content” up and buy it. The company withheld the final anime season costumes from the game for the sole purchase to milk the fandom dry and they will most likely succeed.

The most frustrating part about all this DLC is the lack of overall content, they could have literally added these 3 packs, these 48 costumes, and made them challenge rewards, or unlockable after playing certain character missions but no they decided to insult the fandom and treat them like needy stupid fucks who will buy them. Not to mention that the game itself literally includes aspects of the final season including the Avatar arc in some capacity but instead of having it in the game they decided to go full cash grab it’s RIDICULOUS! What was the point of ending the game with the beginning of the Final Season but not including their Attire? It is infuriating, this is the company saying the fans are too stupid to realize they should have gotten it in game.

The DLC essentially sums up my overall thoughts of the game itself, underwhelming. The game was delayed twice, yet we see that content got cut for the sake of making a quick buck. We see that the developer cared but didn’t care enough. There was so much promise, there might have been a good game underneath it all, but it is covered by all this unnecessary nonsense and this laziness that it just is underwhelming. It is a disappointment. If you are listening to this or even reading this, then I hope you don’t spend $180 on the DLC, hell I wouldn’t even condone spending the $60 for the game itself. But me expecting Gust and Koei Tecmo to get it together is like expecting the Dead or Alive series to be good and not sell hair colors, or to sell character costume packs for almost $100.

Thanks for Reading!

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