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Alright so this next question and answer type interview will be with myself. Yeah, it’s kind of weird that I essentially know what I’m going to ask and what have you but fuck it, let’s just say that it’s projection style magic like Jellal had Pre-Tower of Heaven. This question and answer style interview will be light hearted but at the same time, I’m going to be more open and all that good stuff. It’s because we are nakama ~~and it’s my nindo wait wrong series~~. Any who expect a little bit of everything, some funny moments, some sad ones, some oh shit moments, and so forth. I want to apologize ahead of time, I don’t really filter myself and if I did now, well that’d go against who I am. I ain’t about that life, gotta be me even if it’s not the best thing in the world at times to speak my mind. Let’s begin:

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What’s the backstory behind my name?

Well since I was a little kid, I loved the super hero Spider-Man. He’s the best, he made me feel okay for being basically a bag of bones and sarcastic. While every other super hero was shown as buff or super muscular Spider-Man was not. Then I found reddit, didn’t care much for it but thought “I want a SpiderMan username” my first plan was AmazingSpiderMan, that was taken, then superior, etc…all taken then I remembered about the limited UK run Astonishing SpiderMan so I kept it at that. I got the name but then was like ehh fuck it. Didn’t use reddit for months. Ultimately though, SpiderMan gave me hope, he made me feel okay to be smart, okay to be then very skin, he was amazing. As I got older I had a greater appreciation for him because he was a sarcastic asshole, quick witted, and even at one point declined an invitation from the avengers. Basically, Spider-Man is the perfect most relatable superhero.

How old is the Web Slinger?

√676 Yes, do the math. Google it if you are too lazy to do it.

Where is Spider-Man from?

Well in the comics, New York City. In real life, 31.8667° N, 116.5964° W. You didn’t think I’d make it easy for ya’ll did you? While that place isn’t where I’m from, I consider it home.

How did you start Fairy Tail? How did you find it?

So it was late one night, was beating my…nah I joke, it was like 8pm and I was watching ESPN then I switched it to CN but there was this show on with some Fairy, a Blonde big chested female character, didn’t think much of it. Below is a clip of the 1st SAO episode I saw. Then I tried remembering what the show was because I was interested in Fantasy. Eventually, my brother was like (he’s like 8 years younger than me) that’s Sword Art Online you dumbass. I told him off, thanked him for telling me though, then I binge watched it on Netflix. Shout out Netflix, then it recommended this show, FAIRY TAIL. I was like ehh fuck it lets watch it. I don’t know why, but this show fucking grabbed me by the balls and didn’t let go. I fell completely in love with it; pink hair dude who kicks major ass, talking blue cat, and a blonde girl who isn’t useless. Fucking fight me if you think Lucy useless you uncultured swine. Also, yeah as it’s been made obvious, Fairy Tail is my favorite Mashima series.

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How did you get into Community Building for Fairy Tail?

Eventually, I found a community online where I could talk about Fairy Tail. It was on reddit, and since I already had an account I was golden. However, that shit was dead, like really dead, I was one of the few users on it. I would be the one who would be posting the episode discussions, and well making threads on that subreddit. However, everything changed, it was because of user Jon_alel and his post that I got more serious about my ambitions of being moderator for the subreddit. I always wanted to be mod, but this thread made me realize I could do it, I had the peoples support.  That’s when my community building began, look at us now we went to 10,000> subs to 38,000+ in the 3 years I have been a mod. No, it is not solely because of me but because of the people I have surrounded myself by that it’s been possible.

Why did the community growing interest you the most?

I mentioned this a while ago on Discord, but I have never felt like I belonged anywhere. In some respects, I don’t feel like I belong in some of the communities I help create and cultivate. That doesn’t matter to me though because the reason I created these communities was for people to come together for a common hobby/series they enjoy. Now, on Discord I am always looking forward and wanting to make sure they remain active which is why I commit to change very early on before actually acting on it. I want the Mashima Hub server to be around even after I’m gone, no not dead but like once family takes over, that’s what I mean. I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I know perfectly well that I’m not perfect. Yes, I make mistakes sometimes more than others but through the team that currently runs the Hub I think good times will keep rolling on through. With the website I want it to be a part of the Fairy Tail fandom that is appreciated for what it is, a site for fan of Mashima’s content by fans of Mashima’s content. A site where you don’t have to worry about having ad blocker, or have to be afraid you’ll download something forced on by the site, but rather a pleasant experience you plan on having throughout your Mashima fandom.

Any interesting drama happened in any online community you created?

Well the subreddit had 2 previous mods, who didn’t do shit. Won’t name them but they really don’t do shit just collect subreddits or remain inactive on them. They tried demoting me for a while, shit happened, they both stepped down. I don’t regret what happened and wouldn’t change it either, these 2 leaving was the 2nd best thing behind adding me as mod. Yes, I’m being slightly egotistic, it’ll pass.

On Discord I started another community for Fairy Tail (more on this later) that has had it’s ups and downs. The most interesting ones have been some dude faking being bullied and harassed, some vibes being out of place, and a dude lying about what I said to him to garner sympathy for his fanfiction that he saw as canon material for Fairy Tail. Ahh those were simpler times. Of course, if anyone knows me, they know that I have screenshot, video evidence, etc… so if any one of these dumb fools tries some shit they are proven wrong.

Personally, I’ve changed through the years to how I deal with them, nah I joke I deal with them the same. I have nothing to hide, I’ve shared parts of my life online with the community, they have seen how I resolve issues, they just seen my evolution from when I first started.

Okay, okay we get it you’re darky and edgy.

What are some of the funnier moments you have on both the Discord and Subreddit?

2 Words: Ichiya Theme. The glorious one blessed the subreddit and was the theme (which means all the images on it, even having meeen in the title of the threads) for a whole 24 hours. The reactions were priceless. It was one of the funniest times on the subreddit. On Discord it’s usually just the random shenanigans that me and 11th do. It’s just a great time, he’s usually making funny shit based on what I say and what have you. Think of the Fairy Tail Guildhall x100 at times.

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Let’s change the conversation a bit, favorite Mashima Series?

Fairy Tail, come on now Spidey, you know this. I will simply say that I have all the official Fairy Tail content out there excluding the figures, run communities based on the series, and started a Scanlation group for its Sequel.

Oh, perfect Segway, Why did you start Sorcerer Weekly?

This will be blown out of proportion and I’m sure someone will try and make it drama but originally it was a scanlation group that I felt didn’t do Mashima’s series justice. As we began though, I didn’t want that to be our sole motivation, so it shifted to something more. The motivation and reason for the scanlation group is to provide quality content and translations with everything and anything Hiro Mashima or Fairy Tail related. We want to help promote his work and the work he is associated with.

What’s the END game for Sorcerer Weekly?

Have Hiro Mashima acknowledge and validate our existence. In all seriousness though, to be the go to site for the Fairy Tail and Edens Zero fandom when it comes to translations. I want us to keep growing and expanding. In the end I might have us dip our toes in other series and have them be possible because of “time rifts” or what have you. One thing I can promise though is that there will be 0 ads for the site, I can also inform you all that the site has doubled in usage since it’s 1st month, which is amazing!

What’s your least favorite part of the (Hiro Mashima Series’) fandom?

The shippers, the power scale obsessed, the overly critical. Let me break it down: The shippers, some are great (I support the work Geghanush does, only fan artist I’d put money down for work wise) but then we have the hardcore ones, the ones who sexualize their pairing so much it’s like calm down get laid. I am all for loving your pairing but don’t make the characters be so out of character, or don’t be that individual that has to validate his or her favorite pairing by simply talking about all the others. For example, I ship NaLu, I can appreciate NaLi though because Lisanna was in terms of the Omake and Anime the 1st girl to show some interest on a romantic level towards Natsu. He was able to grow from that, I’m not gonna be like these trolls on tumblr who say they ship both but then call NaLu fans vermin, animals, etc… The people who are obsessed with the fights and the feats that constantly change or are diminished because of the irrational logic. I’ll just quote Mashima, “have fun reading this story, and not think too deeply about it” clearly these people didn’t get the memo.

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Who’s your favorite Fairy Tail Character?

Gray, hahaha, no I joke. He’s useless, like really, he was so irrelevant to the story. My favorite character is a tie between Natsu and Lucy. Why? Because they represent the heart and soul of the Fairy Tail guild. It’s amazing. Before it’s asked yes, I ship them, but given that I don’t believe they should have kissed in the END I doubt the NaLu fandom would let me in it. I ain’t that obsessed over them to that extent some aspects of the community. Natsu kind of reminds of me with the act first ask questions later type of shit. The guild whether they’d love to admit it or not depends and relies heavily on him. He isn’t afraid to defend his family, his friends, he’s just bad ass. Lucy well come on, she’s amazing, the fandom doesn’t give her enough credit but that’s fine.

What character do you feel you’re the most like in Fairy Tail?

I want to say, a combination of Natsu and Laxus, I know I know. This arrogant fuck thinks he’s like Natsu Godneel. Psshhh. But the hot headedness is almost identical; when people talk shit, they know they fucked up. When someone starts shit on the server or the subreddit, they get the wrath of me. Also, I have a tendency of making changes and doing things for the betterment of the server, I usually do them before consulting the team. Haha. To quote the team, “Hot headed” “Does the unpredictable” “Most other mods/ft member reaction to them is always.  Wait Spidey/Natsu did what now” As for the Laxus part of it, sometimes I go into the sites and the discords and just shut the ruckus down. I am just working on being the perfect guild member. Ya know.6167433-9011684518-e83d4.gif (500×260)

So much cheese.

Alright so what’s your favorite series?

Excluding Mashima content I’m assuming.

  • My Hero Academia
  • Dragon Ball
  • Dan Machi
  • Kuroko no Basket
  • Oremonegatori
  • Oregairu Snafu

BnHA, DB, Dan Machi, KnB are amazing, simply because they have moments of adrenaline rush. I can’t tell you how many fights, or games in these series my adrenaline has been pumping nonstop. Are they the most thought provoking series? Of course not, I’m here to be entertained not to be using my brain for entertainment. What is this, portal? Oremonagatori is the greatest love story ever. It is perfection. 0 Flaws. Fight Me. Oregairu Snafu, it’s simply incredible Hachiman is amazing. Yui is best girl.

Based on your favorites, what character reminds you of you?

Kacchan. Angry, thinks on the spot, acts first, tells people to piss off. Plus he is like 100000% committed to being a Pro Hero, just like I’m that committed to doing right by the communities and the team I have built.

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Any hobbies you take part on? Why?

Well I mostly sleep, truth be told. I do play video games, listen to music, watch and read anime/manga. I only watch/read Fairy Tail and watch Goblin Slayer. Oh and most importantly, spending time with my wife, simply put Happy Wife, Happy Life. As for music, it’s Eminem because he’s my spirit animal.

What games? Favorite game console?

I’m a Nintendo stan, proud of it. Wii U represent. The games, are all the Nintendo Exclusives because if I’m going to spend $60+ on a game I want it to be the full game. Looking at you EA. But besides that I play Gears of War, If you ever want to get your ass beat add me, di spiderman.

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Going back to the Mashima, what do you think about the stuff he’s working on?

I think it’s quite fascinating, the Happy Spin Off is severely underrated. The sequel is slower paced because it’s fleshing out the material. The AU is just there for the shippers, that’s cool it’s quite fun.

Final Question! How is it working with 11thDoctr? The team?

He is fantastic, that’s all I’ll say before he slacks off because of the praise. Plus the last time I complimented him he straight up thought I was dying. The team is amazing, I thank them for the work and help they have given me in reaching the goals that I set for us. Seriously, they make things far more entertaining, especially 11th with his random shenanigans based on what I say. Haha. Proof. With that said though, 11th has helped me achieve some of these goals, and whenever I plan on doing anything I make sure to get his opinion. He’s like the Gray to my Natsu, haha. Nah, he’s like Gajeel. I know y’all rewatch Natsu and Gajeel vs Twin Dragons. We bicker, we argue, but we agree this community means the world to us.

Is there anything you want to tell the readers about?

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Look out for the YouTube Channel. Some new stuff may come out there soon enough. Sorcerer Weekly. The only SW with podcasts on them. Just know that I plan to venture there with the Mashima content because of all the bullshit and click bait that comes from the YouTube. The focus will be that we are unbiased and trust worthy like the scanlation team.

Drop by and send me any questions you may have!

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