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Me and the 11thDoctr go back a few years so this one may have a ton more shenanigans. I hope you all enjoy. The reason we are doing this, well mostly I suggested it, is because as our website grows we want to remain connected with you all. We want it to be where you don’t think of us as just random people who are doing these series translations but as people you have some connection towards. It was first with the translators who deserve a ton of the credit, it moved to our cleaner, then it moved on to me and the doctor. I didn’t ask them about the aspects in which they work on for the team because this is a little light hearted and fun. So please enjoy! In the future I may host some other threads and content that is through different media.

So, Why the 11th Doctor?

I had a pretty huge Doctor Who obsession when I was younger and 11th was my favorite Doctor. Back then I was mostly a lurker on reddit and didn’t really understand the website much so being a noob I created an account under my real name. Quickly after I realized that was a bad idea so I had to make a new account and “11thDoctor” was taken so I dropped the O and it kinda stuck as my signature trademark. Lately people have been recognizing me more in the community as “Doctr” so there’s no going back now LOL.

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How old are you time lord?

22 million years old/million years old.

So you are originally from?


So do you remember your introduction with me?

I knew of you from the subreddit first as basically the only mod back then that would participate in conversations and such. Soon after there was a post about a Skype chat, I joined but we didn’t really talk much until I got bored one day and gave a go at making a banner and showed it to you. He used it as the banner for the subreddit and that’s basically how it all started.

Ask Doc about his Summer Banner. Haha. PTSD for him.

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What was your initial reaction to my proposed Sorcerer Weekly?

“Oh fuck yes. Finally people can read an accurate adaption for all things FT that isn’t riddled with translator bias and basically fan fiction at parts.”

What are your personal ambitions with, Sorcerer Weekly?

To answer your question, i just want the website to be a reliable place where people can read and enjoy Hiro Mashima’s stories to its fullest

So what is your take on those scanlators who adapt Fairy Tail?

Speaking as a fan, when the main series was ongoing, there were times where I absolutely hated a lot of chapters and blamed the writing of the series for it. A while later, I re-read the same chapters from the official releases and realized a lot of the translations and dialogue were changed and outright confusing on the versions released by other scanlators, which was the main reason I had hated the chapters the first-time round. So if other groups aren’t going to be faithful to the intentions of Hiro Mashima, then no point in doing it in the first place. Unless you’re posting on that is.

Why should people use your website and not other scanlators?

Because frankly no one else is doing it and I love Mashima’s work and most of his fan base.

Going back to me, How long have you been working with me?

Was it 2015? 2016? I don’t even remember it’s been too long lmao Before the discord server even existed

How is it working with me? Be honest.

Some days are better than others. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, but at the end of the day I think I get more work done when working with him than when I do it alone/with others and we’ve been able to deliver some great things over the years for the FT community. If it means anything, the longest I lasted working with someone else prior to Spidey was 2 months before I couldn’t handle it and quit so there’s that.

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Damn. So what makes this working relationship different from the others?

Your drive and commitment to the community actually forces me to stop procrastinating and use my talents instead of being lazy lmao

The end result is I get a lot of work done that I feel proud of. In past experiences working with others in other projects, it felt more like I was just an unpaid worker who hated his job and had to get it done just because I said I’d do it.

So it’s a mutual respect type relationship. Now you’re obviously a fan of Mashima given the site and all. What’s your favorite series of his? Why?

Edens Zero. I love space adventures, I love scifi. I love stories where the cast is in search of something mysterious or rare. And time travel based stuff is a bonus. Edens Zero has all of those so naturally it became my favorite.

Edens Zero is your favorite Mashima series. What’s your favorite overall series?

One Piece, definitely.

Why one piece? Are you a Goda Stan?

I love everything about One Piece. Like with Edens Zero, OP also share a lot of those things that I love in a story. I’m a huge fan of super detailed stories with lots of world building and unique lore and history. In my opinion, no other shonen manga has dared to even attempt to come close to the level of detail that goes into One Piece. As for being a “Goda” fan, absolutely, I think he is one of the best writers in the industry right now, however I would never call him “Goda” even ironically because I don’t follow the idea that he is flawless and can do no wrong and what not like a lot of One Piece fans believe.

You mentioned loving these type of stories these grand adventures and magnificent worlds. Is there any series you’ve seen or read that you enjoy as much as EZ and OP for the same reasons?

Attack on Titan. Those are my top 3 at the moment.

So if you had to choose a favorite character out of these 3 series. Who would it be? Why?

That’s a hard question. If I had to choose, I would have to go with Sanji. Purely because as the son of a chef, I grew up watching my mom cook and learning how to cook different dishes and cuisine from her. I love food and equally enjoy cooking so it’s a treat to see all the dishes he comes up with.

Those of us on discord know about your wild life. For those who don’t, name an Anime that describes your life perfectly?

LOL I don’t think that exists yet but it sure as hell would sell as an ecchi light novel

So you’re saying Testament of New Sister Devil. Understood.

Never read so I wouldn’t know.

Think High School DxD with hentai.

No comment.

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Is there anything that the readers and discord users should know about you but probably don’t?

I’ve been working on my own series for about 5 years now. It’s loosely related to my own personal experiences in life so some characters are inspired by real people I’ve known as well. It’s also a fantasy with a lot of the same elements that I love in EZ and OP.  Think of it more like a personal diary about my life as seen through magic fantasy goggles. No it won’t have the wild stories mentioned above, those are stories for another time LOL

Is there one character you relate to the most?

if you mean from all series then Gajeel. He and I have gone through pretty similar situations in life and learned similar life lessons as well

So you have a pregnant wife? Understood.

If it means anything, my religion grandma indirectly asked me yesterday if were getting married cuz shes pregnant or something so theres that.

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