Sorcerer Weekly’s Cleaner: erzadragonborn


What is the backstory behind your username?

I like Skyrim and I like Erza. I dont actually play Skyrim, though. I just like the play-through videos. I saw one video of The Dragonborn Comes cut with Daenerys Targaryen scenes from Game of Thrones and immediately thought of Erza and made it my tumblr URL. After certain parts of Erzas backstory were revealed I had a couple people ask me to release the URL but no. Its mine. Forever.

I know it’s impolite to ask a lady her age but how old are you?

I am 37. Get off my lawn.

Where are you from?


my condolences moment of silence

What’s your favorite Hiro Mashima Series?

Fairy Tail.

Why Fairy Tail?

I love Fairy Tail because it checks all my boxes. High fantasy, somewhat modern setting, friendship, family, adventure, some romance, DRAGONS, and a teenage male protagonist I don’t want to throw off a cliff. I admit I started watching because I saw some Jerza art and wanted to know everything there was to know. I read Jellal’s wiki page and was left thoroughly confused. So I watched the anime. Then I binged the manga.

Who is your favorite character that Hiro has created?

Jellal Fernandes.

Why, why the King of Submissives?

Jellal is my favorite because he’s part of a very small club of what think of as the gold standard in anti-hero. Characters like Zuko, Batman, Loki (Avengers), Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha, Scar (FMA), Kisuke Urahara, and even Ultear Milkovich all fit into this category for me. I love the struggle. I love the blur between good and evil. The morally ambiguous. Jellal wants to be good! His soul is good. As a child he was charismatic and a great leader! But shit happens.

He’s doing his best to make things as right as he can but he still makes extremely questionable choices. I love his angst and struggle. He also loves Erza. He loves her so much he can’t stand just dumping his mess of a life on her porch and demanding she fix it. He wants to fix it himself! He says she encourages him when he needs it and he was there to say those things to her, as well.

Plus his magic is super cool and he has a face tattoo.

this is what you call a shipper

Click Here for Gif

What’s your favorite non-Hiro series?

Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night UBW.

What’s your favorite non-Hiro Character:

Prince Zuko.

Interrupts, he’s not ani-

Don’t at me its fusion anime. Completely valid.

Do you have any hobbies?

I work so much I don’t have time for involved hobbies. I like to write fanfiction. I read a lot. I used to be a gamer before I had kids. Maybe one day I’ll have more time. Hopefully before I die! These few hobbies I do help provide a level of escapism.

Are you active on other forums or website?

I was on Fairy Tail Base for a while but as soon as I was granted permissions some weirdo sent me a PM asking what I was wearing so that didnt last long. I like the reddit sub. I fight people on tumblr.

tumblr being tumblr her account has been terminated for no justified reason.

What character do you feel you’re most like?


You mean Ire-

No, Eileen fight me! Maybe Brandish. She’s always annoyed. If I move beyond FT or Mashima then Id say Shikamaru Nara (Naruto).

Why these characters? What about them makes you relate?

I’m like Eileen in that I want to transform into <spoilers> and curb stomp people who cross me. <Redacted> had it coming. I’m like Brandish and Shikamaru because they’re always annoyed and bored.

So, what do you make of the content Mashima has been releasing:

I want more Jerza, and I want more Justice.

Thoughts on Sorcerer Weekly when you 1st heard of it?

I thought it was convenient for me personally. I don’t like digging up places to read things and bigger archives take longer to post. Now I realize I actually suffer more this way. I clean the pages and am living in a state of suspense until everything is translated.

How long have you worked with doc and spidey? Any funny stories involving them?

Less than a year. A couple months? Somewhere in there? I’m old so my memory is fading. Who are Doc and Spidey? I remember tearing Spidey a new one even though he tried to get me to rejoin the discord server after some stuff transpired.

Yes, I remember.  Think of Erza when someone drops strawberry cake.

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