Sorcerer Weekly’s Announcement!

Hey! Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man dropping in for the first time in 2019. Wishing you all a late (if you didn’t check twitter) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. However, this is not the reason for this post, I have an announcement of sorts, well several announcements to make. For Starters, 2018 went well we started in October, then doubled in readership the following month, while staying at the same level for December.

Sorcerer Weekly was brought up and made due to the love for the content Mashima publishes or has continued to assist on. While our team only consist of less than 10 people, with an even smaller amount being translators, we have worked on some series already. The series all are related to Fairy Tail, they are:

We started with the Sequel of the much loved and hated Fairy Tail. Months later we went on to add Happy’s Great Adventure, and then most recently started on Fairy Tail City Hero the alternate universe series that a lot of fans love. With the addition of each series, our site has grown in readership, audience, and support. Like I have previously mentioned we are a very small staff and some resources are used in various series but that won’t stop us from continuing to do what we do and that is bringing the content Mashima does to others. So now there is a huge announcement I actually want to talk about, it’s huge:

Let’s start at the beginning:

This site is for the scanlation of the Fairy Tail content, this includes the Sequel as well as the Spin Offs. Furthermore, we will be adding other content done by Hiro Mashima. This means no more imgur files, and no more discord only. We are excited for this venture. There will be other pieces of content we will work on and that we will experiment with, but we are here for the long run. Now, the name was not Sorcerer Weekly initially, it went through a good number of names. We started with /r/FairyTail Scans then moved onto Hiro Mashima Scans, then one of the scanlation members was like “Sorcerer Weekly” when I asked, “What should our group name be?” obviously that was the correct and only appropriate answer. So that is the story of how we became Sorcerer Weekly.

Once we started doing these Mashima Licensed Series we got request by users, on twitters, on reddit, on other platforms, basically every where by users both directly and indirectly suggesting/requesting we do this series. That series being EDENSZERO. Now, as I have mentioned I have always been hesitant to do this series so myself and 11thDoctr discussed this, extensively for a few weeks on and off again. In the end, we have decided to move forward with the series. Now, some may be asking why do it now? Well most leaks released for the English fan base are provided from none other than the 11thDoctr. The content he gets I can help translate, along with it just being myself and him for now being the only ones who will work on the series. Also, worth mentioning that his leaks will not be on this site rather offsite like he has been doing to not kill our bandwidth. The more bandwidth we use, the more expensive it will be on our end. We will work on Edens Zero just like we work on all our other projects: with care, efficiency, and quick yet accurate releases.

Ok, everyone breath. Don’t panic. This is just us showing appreciation and gratitude to our readers who want to continue reading content on our website. While we will be releasing it, the release will be done around the same time as the official releases. The simple reason being our sources are limited so we will have to make sure our translations are accurate and not inaccurate.

Now onto more announcements and goals for the new year. As I have mentioned at nausea the website will not have any form of ad or ad revenue. Of course this means that the website and the content being done will be done by my finances. So sometimes it may be done a bit later than normal, it also means that the volume releases for EdensZero, FT 100, Happy’s Great Adventure, and now City Hero will be gotten at a later time. Simply put I don’t have a lot of monetary income at the moment so those Omake, Afterward, and additional content that are published in those volume. While I am certain that I could start a patreon, a gofundme, or what have you to gather the funds I rather not. If anyone however has the content and is willing to share it with us to translate then we will be more than happy to do so. This team is dedicated to doing what the fan base wants as well as doing the content that Hiro Mashima has worked on, is working on, and so forth. Thank you for an amazing 2018, here’s to a better and bigger 2019! -Spider-Man & SorcererWeekly

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