Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 18 Recap & Review

Hey There guys and welcome back to a new article! As of today, Sorcerer Weekly is expanding! My Name is Sami and we will be doing reviews and news about all different kinds of anime and manga and were starting off strong right of the bat with Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 18.

After last chapters cliff hanger we find team Natsu faced with an impossible decision the water god dragon powers have gone on a rampage and he has fully lost control team Natsu are left with the decision to either attack or attempt to defend the village even though Natsu is literally always ready for a battle we see a hint of development in this chapter here as he falters unable to keep the promise he made of slaying the water god if he attacks. As little this might be this is a rare sign of character development and sticking true to Natsu character he is unable to hurt those he sees as friends and it even takes Carla to Remind him of his promise, he made to protect the people. After reading last chapter and the water god going on a rampage, I never expected anything less then team Natsu attacking but I never expected Natsu of all people to falter I personally expected it to be Lucy and Natsu reassuring her that they will save him so for me this was an interesting turn of development that was unexpected!

The Fight kicks of Team Natsu consisting of Gray , Erza, Lucy , Wendy and Natsu charge towards the water dragon god and it makes you wonder wait only Erza, Natsu and Wendy have access to dragon slaying magic are lucy and gray going to be support Lucy in these situations normally evacuates the towns people mainly staying out of the fight unless it is to defend people grey on the hand with ice devil slayer could potentially do some damage BUT NO This is not like anything else Wendy has ascended GOD HOOD immediately enchanting Lucy , Grey and Erza with Dragon Slaying Attributes which even changes there fairy tail guild mark to look more like a dragon and am like WHAT CAN SHE EVEN DO THIS?? We have seen this before Wendy can enchant it into Erza swords but how is she enchanting Grey ice and Lucy celestial spirits Wendy has honestly become a very strong capable and important fighter in Team Natsu and its honestly nice development from the shy little girl she was all those chapters ago.

Natsu Immediately ahead of everyone responds with Fire Dragon king Demolition Fist grey reacts with Ice Cannon imbued with dragon slayer magic Erza reacts with Tenrin Blumenblatt and Lucy with Star Shot imbued dragon slayer magic and wendy finally with sky dragon roar all achieving direct hits onto the water god. Now We all know fairy tail power scaling is by far one of the most questionable now am not expecting an actual 1 shot but Natsu Fire Dragon King Demolition fist should have realistically done far more damage than it actually did that is a very strong top tier Natsu level attack.

The Water God Dragon immediately responds by going underwater and in the next few panels much to everyone shock and disbelief rises all the water from that patch of sea to the sky presumably ready to attack with Water from the sky to be honest with you I really don’t understand how everyone was in absolute disbelief or shocked or scared that is literally just water from presumably a lake and we have seen countless amount of times Natsu being able to instantly evaporate larger amounts of water so I don’t think it should be too harmful the fight how ever does move onto the next part of the chapter.

Skipping strait to Magnolia we see the lovable fairy tail guild and from last week cliff-hanger Touka drinking some nice calm tea and am just like wait what’s going on where is everyone which it then pans out to everyone around her being passed out on the floor knocked out now there is no way on gods earth am going to believe any of them are dead that is a fact people just do not die in fairy tail only 1 fairy tail member has ever died that is grandpa Rob. Touka claims fairy tail has now been turned to white and the chapter ends.

This chapter brought with it a lot of surprises I never expected Wendy being able to enchant into celestial spirits and even into ice itself dragon slayer magic is by far the most surprising I wonder what else she is able to enchant into can she enchant into for example biscas guns or even Jelall True Heavenly body magic If so imagine when jelall was fighting Acnologia what he could of done with dragon slayer magic enchantments.

Natsu Own development in the chapter was also by far the most surprising its good to see even after 550 chapters that Natsu continues to develop that might just be because of how under developed he was in the actual fairy tail series in its 545-chapter run so for now am excited too see where Hiro Mashima takes Natsu Dragneel. As for the fairy tail guild I expect everyone to be absolutely pitch perfectly fine I really do not expect anything major to happen I think either someone gets back up and beats her or her alter ego takes back over and she saves everyone her self as for the water god dragon I do not think he is going down without a fight and I extremally do not expect him to be killed off this early we are only 18 chapters into 100 year quest the future is all but certain.

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