Eden’s Zero Chapter 31 The People of Digitalis Review

Another week another chapter another review Eden’s Zero Returns for its 31 Chapter this week and honestly am really happy to see its sales doing very well the 2nd Volume was just released over here in the west and I can not wait to pick it up Each week my excitement for the series continues I honestly wish I had gotten into Fairy Tail this early to watch it grow week by week.

Chapter 31 Starts of by Re introducing the supposed Narrator of the story Xiaomei which honestly still makes me wonder what is her point in this story is there a need for a Narrator is this all happening in the future and we are being told of the story by Xiaomei what is really happening Xiaomei opens the door for so many questions but at least its good to see her again. In the past Mashima had issues with keeping characters relevant so am happy to see Xiaomei being re-introduced and after this long and not been left in the dust.

The story advances next to our main fellow band of warriors and they all met each other in Digitalis with shocking discoveries. Rebecca from last chapter runs into a strange man on a purple bunny rabbit who strangely looks like Zeref in his Alverez gear and it turns out that’s Homura who has chosen a male character for the digital world. The Next is our lovable Weisz who has decided to choose a female character much to Rebecca dismay, but I mean who would not if I was in Digitalis BOY BETTER KNOW AM CHOSING A FEMALE CHARACTER TOO. The next too meet up Is Pino and honestly this is by far my favourite character design having chosen just a taller more female version of her real body she honestly looks so cute it also reminds me vaguely of charala human form. The last to appear is our lovable Shiki which after a few disputes with Rebecca choses Acnologia Character design from Fairy Tail in the style of how he originally looked back in the first chapter of Eden’s Zero.

The team then set forth and travel to the nearest town Greenery. On there way to the town they notice Digitalis actually allows them to use their Ether Gear equipment which means Shiki Gravity and Rebecca Dual Wield will and Homura Swords are still active what they have in the real world they can also use in Digitalis. I personally prefer it this way to them getting new abilities because I want to see Shiki Use his gravity in different new cool ways and see him develop his skills one thing, I can say is missing so far is serious fights in Eden’s Zero. After meeting with the towns first NPC who is a fully self-wear NPC which can think and recognise real world players the gang split up to look for clues on Hermits wear about sadly finding no clue on her wear about.

There is a cute moment in this chapter where Pino walks across a mirror and notices herself in the reflection I don’t really know why but that moment felt really nice heart felt and warming to me she is a robot who is very small in the real world but in Digitalis she kind of gets to live her dreams she a real girl now who oddly enough looks exactly like Wendy but with different hair style but honestly that’s kind of just Mashima art style touch in general.

The Chapter ends with a strange tall masked player with a very cool  scythe walks into a shop and threatens to kill the NPC asking where is that woman which we can clearly assume he is looking for Hermit too which am guessing Hermit is a very important player in Digitalis the player claims to be the chosen one and the chapter ends with next chapter being called Murderer Jamilov.

Eden’s Zero 31st chapter was a very nice and wholesome chapter not much really happened but I think the pace is about to be picked up very fast am excited to see where Mashima takes Digitalis and am excited to see if we can eventually get a proper fight in which Shiki fully uses his gravity powers to its full protentional and hopefully we might even see his demon form once again like we did in the Elsie fight. Am excited for the future of Eden’s Zero there is a lot Mashima has been building up in the last 31 chapters its just a matter if he can keep up the face and expand the universe correctly without the story getting stale.

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