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Origin Story

The server was created on Saturday, April 30th 2016 @5:53:06 pm; it was created as the social platform to talk all things Fairy Tail. It was the go to spot for the Fairy Tail series, as there was discussion, a growing community and a mod team dedicated to keeping it to the series. Now the server is over 2 years old, in this time span there has been lots of change from: mods, to channels, to users, to even how things are run. It has all been shown to be for the betterment of the server. In April 13, 2017 I wrote:

The server will always be oriented to the Fairy Tail series, it will always be connected to the subreddit. That won’t ever change, you can take my word on that. However, this doesn’t mean we wont grow or change, try new things, go back to how some things ran. I can only speak for myself but I don’t plan on leaving the server it’s just not happening. If we unfortunately lose a mod team member then we will work just as hard to maintain the stability, essentially next man/woman up. The reason there has been those changes that have happened (e.g. roles for manga, etc… & channel dividers e.g. #deleted-channel etc…) Is for the inevitable end of the Fairy Tail Series. There will always be a section dedicated to the series but we won’t just end because the series ends. We will find a way to continue, the rules will stay the same for the most part but there may be a change. Who knows, maybe im being selfish in wanting this community we have here to continue even after the series ends, but all i know is i will always try my best to make sure the server has the stability it requires even if i don’t comment as much as i once did. Sorry for the long write, here’s a tl;dr even if series ends, i will make the changes to make the server continue.

When Hiro Mashima announced that he was working on the new series; the decision was made to shift slowly into the new series, that being Edens Zero. Through our tenure, myself and the admins, we had created a community that was much like the Fairy Tail guild a family, one that was interconnected and had great appreciation for one another. We felt the next step in keeping the server from dying out was Edens Zero, but Mashima with his tricks decided to announce the Sequel Series which he helps supervise. So now both Edens Zero and Fairy Tail are going strong! But what should happen, 2 servers for 2 series or 1 server for both series, and the overlapping fanbase?


Fairy Tail or Edens Zero

The answer was simple; we make it the Hiro Mashima Hub. Why a Hub? Because all three series of his:

  1. Rave Master
  2. Fairy Tail
  3. Edens Zero

These series not only have overlapping core themes but the fandom is relatively the same. Sure there is some variation in the fandom but Hiro does his best to reference or easter egg his previous works. Look at Edens Zero and all the Fairy Tail characters that have appeared. Now Rave may not have the following because of how the anime was received but it was a great series that we also are able to discuss. Let us not forget Mashima has just announced something special for Edens Zero and Fairy Tail fans, a special project. So it makes all the more sense to have a server that is interconnected.


The Server Features:

Discord Partnered

  • This means that we get updates before others; as well as a customizable url.

Sorcerer Weekly Scanlation 

  • Yes, there is a scanlation group for all thing Mashima. It was founded by myself and another admin of the server. We usually post our releases there first.
  • You can ask about the upcoming releases, and we are extremely transparent about our work and content.
  • Scanlation group made by very devoted Hiro Mashima fans!

Server Roles

  • Edens Zero Roles (tagged for spoilers as well as recent releases.)
  • Fairy Tail Roles (tagged for spoilers/raws, recent releases from Sorcerer Weekly, and spin off series)
  • Server Wide Roles (choose between 3 roles, 1 for each of Mashima’s long running series, as well as the option for Server Event roles)

Server Channels + Category

  • Rules and Important Information
  • Mashima + Ueda Tweet Section
  • General Chat 
  • Fairy Tail Series
  • Edens Zero Series
  • Discussion Area (Games, Anime, Manga, etc…)

1,000+ Members

This means you get to be friends with a lot of people. You get to meet others from different parts of the world. Plus you get to talk to others all about your favorite series with them. Of course we do have a screening process, fairly easy to pass (it’s just reading the rules), to make sure everyone on the server is well a part of the family. Myself and the other mods, have a strong connection with the users and have a familial type feel because we do care about everyone and their time on the server. Any questions feel free to ask me!


Thanks for Reading!

For Reference I’m the owner of the discord server, the top moderator in Fairy Tail, a moderator on Edens Zero (subreddit), as well as the founder of Sorcerer Weekly Scanlations. Plus I have spend 1000s on Fairy Tail content.

Discord Link: Click Here

🧡 -Spidey

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