#01 Maintenance Update – Twitter Widget, Optimization & More

Heya! 11thDoctr here. Some of you reading this would already know me but I’ll give a short sort of an introduction here for those who don’t.
As co-founder of Sorcerer Weekly, I have duties for both chapter releases and on here as well. The website was mainly built and designed by me so naturally I will be taking on the role of maintaining it too. As mentioned in the introduction post by Spidey, we are still pretty new to managing a website and what not and I’ve had to learn and adapt as I go so please bear with me as I do my best to make the site better! With all that said, few things to cover for this update.


Twitter feed.

As fans of Fairy Tail we know Mashima-sensei loves to spoil us with a ton of twitter exclusive sketches and drawings so adding his twitter feed to the sidebar was always part of the plan (though it was requested by some of you as well!)  

There are still some tinkering that need to be done to make it work better but as of now Mashima-sensei’s live twitter feed is accessible on the sidebar!



When the site initially went live, it ran a bit slower than we would have liked. Since then I’ve spent a good amount of time optimizing everything to ensure that it runs smoother and a whole lot faster. Continuous work will be done to make sure you get the best browsing experience, on both the main site and the manga reader.


Bug fixes.

This one here is the hardest part coming from zero experience with website creation. Nevertheless, a few bugs and issues have been fixed since we published the site and will continue to do so regularly. A huge shout out and thanks to Dunciboy from the Discord server for lending me a ton of help with this. Furthermore, if you experience any issues both on the site and the reader please let us know via any of our social links or email. That brings me us to the last part for this update:


Coming Soon: Comments, News tab & More!

That’s right, we have a few new features that we’ll be adding in the upcoming days! One thing I’ve given high priority to has been adding a proper commenting system to the site that will allow everyone to reply to blogposts etc. You will be able to create your own account and leave comments for the community and us directly on the site. We will also be adding a “News” menu where you will be able to read all your Fairy Tail & Hiro Mashima related news all in one convenient place.

Lastly before I end the post I wanna say that if you have any suggestions please let us know! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We have a few other additions we’re working on as well so stay tuned for the next update~


-Oh and you can just call me Doc.





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